What Can Propane Be Used for in Your Home?

As sources of home energy go, propane is about as efficient, safe, and eco-friendly as they come – owing mostly to the fact that chemically-simple propane burns hotter and cleaner than just about any other fuel.

But what really sets propane apart from the crowd is its versatility – in fact, when it comes to powering home comfort equipment, there’s virtually no task that propane can’t handle.

Propane can do it all

Here are just some of the ways propane can be used to make life in your Massachusetts home more comfortable, safe, and fun for your family:

  • Cooking indoors and outdoors – Watch any cooking show on TV and you’ll notice a common thread: all the chefs cook with gas. That’s no coincidence: a propane cooking range gives you an ability to instantly raise or lower temperatures that no electric cooktop can match. If you prefer to do your cooking outside in the summer, you can do that with propane, too – whether you choose a feature-loaded built-in grill or a small propane portable.
  • Space heating – A propane furnace, boiler, or space heater will keep you warm no matter how cold it gets here in Boston – unlike an electric heat pump, which will typically give up the ghost at right around the 32 degree mark (below those temps, a heat pump will usually engage its backup heating source, losing most of its vaunted efficiency in the process). Propane heaters are extremely efficiently at all temperatures, with AFUE ratings reaching into the upper 90s.
  • Water heating – With an on-demand propane tankless water heater, you’ll get unlimited hot water while cutting your water heating bills in half in a machine that lasts 50 percent longer than a conventional storage water heater. You’ll also eliminate that big tin can storage tank in your basement.
  • Outdoor living – Whether it’s powering space heaters, torches, a fire pit or fire table, a built-in grill, or even a pool or spa heater, propane can really take your outdoor entertainment game up a notch, making your backyard your family’s favorite gathering spot for more than one-quarter of the year.
  • Indoor fire features – Have you ever wanted to spend a night by the fire, but gave up because the thought of setting and cleaning it up was too much of a hassle? With a propane fireplace insert or log set, you won’t have that problem; instead, you’ll get an evening of cozy heat and flames at the push of a button. You’ll also have a lot more heat in your room.

    If you don’t have a fireplace yet, but always wanted one, a propane fireplace or propane cast iron stove will fit the bill. Installation only takes a day or so, and it costs less than you think.

  • Clothes drying – A propane clothes dryer dries clothes quickly and evenly while producing less static along the way. That means you’ll pay less to dry your clothes (about half as much as an electric dryer) and enjoy a longer-lasting wardrobe.
  • Backup power – Propane whole house backup generators are the answer to problem power outages, keeping your home heating or cooling system, sump pump, refrigerator, sump pump, and other vital equipment running until the grid is restored. When it comes to providing peace of mind, few appliances can compete to a whole house generator.

How else can you benefit from propane in your MA home? Contact the propane experts at FSi today to find out!