What Does a Water Softening System Do?

Have you ever noticed annoying water spots on your silverware or glassware after washing it – or had trouble getting a lather from your soap or shampoo?

Simple indications like this could mean your home water is “hard” – meaning that it contains calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. These minerals can cause issues in your home that are more problematic than water spots – and more expensive to fix.

But don’t worry: you can overcome a hard water problem with a water softening system – a solution that can deliver many benefits, including.

  • Fewer drain and pipe blockages
  • Softer, cleaner hair and skin
  • Cleaner silverware and glassware
  • Greater lathering of your soaps and shampoos, which could reduce usage by 50 percent or more
  • No need for chemical-laden, anti-hard water laundry agents
  • Softer, brighter, longer-lasting clothes and other fabrics
  • Longer life for your water using appliances (coffeemakers, dishwashers, etc.)
  • Lower energy bills for your water heater (about 25 percent lower on average)
  • Fewer greenhouse gases – about the equivalent to removing one SUV from the road for one year

Our master plumbers will install a quality WaterSoft water softening system that’s just right for the capacity of your home – one that integrates perfectly with your home plumbing system to deliver all these benefits and more.

If you’re looking for a home water purification solution, we can help you there, too: WaterSoft whole house water treatment systems can help neutralize acidic water, remove chlorine, filter out sediment, or to improve your water’s taste, odor, and color. Contact us today to learn more.

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