What Is a Direct Vent Space Heater?

A propane space heater can transform a cold room into an inviting living space – whether that space is a basement, a sunroom, a hobby room, or any other room that needs a heating boost.

One of the most important choices you have when deciding on a gas-powered space heater is how the unit will be vented – that is, how the heater will release exhaust gases that result from the fuel it burns.

The two most common venting options for gas space heaters are non-vented, which reduce heating power to minimize exhaust fumes, and direct vented, which send exhaust gases out of your home through a tube.

Direct Vent space heater benefits

Direct Vent heaters are basically sealed combustion boxes that use outdoor air to create heat; indoor air never enters the combustion chamber. These compact and powerful units offer several key benefits compared to alternative room heating options, including:

  • Duct-free operation – Direct vent heaters don’t require ductwork, so they are considerably easier and less expensive install and maintain than a traditional furnace or boiler.
  • Precision heating – Direct vent heaters can detect temperature changes of less than 1° F, then adjust fan speed and output to reach a desired temperature. That means your rooms will be heated consistently and evenly from floor to ceiling, room to room, corner to corner.
  • Easy installation – Simple one-hole venting and no ductwork makes installation fast and straightforward. Installation by a trained experienced contractor typically takes just four hours or less. All you need is access to an exterior wall for venting.
  • Easy operation – Programmable thermostats in a Direct Vent heater allow you to adjust operation based on your habits and usage. Many “smart” models will even make those adjustments automatically.

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