What Is a Propane Gas Log Set?

If you love your wood-burning fireplace but don’t use it as often as you’d like to because it’s just too much work to set up and clean up, we’ve might just have a perfect, hassle-free solution for you: a propane gas log set.

Designed to fit right inside your existing mantle, propane log sets offer the ultimate in convenience, along with real flames and realistic detailing that will provide the perfect backdrop for your next fireside chat.

Today’s beautifully crafted propane log sets are:

  • Convenient – Just push a button on a remote and your glowing fire is up and blazing. Ready to close down for the evening? Just click again – no more ashes, wood chips, or embers to worry about.
  • Efficient – Gas logs are up to five times more efficient than burning wood, which means you’ll pay less for heat (and stay warmer, too).
  • Beautiful – Today’s hand-painted, vent-free log sets are more realistic than ever, mimicking your favorite woods and really setting the scene in your living space.
  • Green – Propane burns cleaner than wood, emitting fewer smog-producing particulates and less CO2 – better for you, better for the planet.
  • Safe – With gas logs, you’ll have no more flying sparks, rolling logs, or dangerous creosote buildup in your chimney. With a little simple maintenance and care, your propane log set will run safely for years.

Other space heating options available

Of course log sets aren’t the only way to heat your living space! Whatever your space heating needs, we have the high efficiency home and hearth propane equipment to fit them. Our room heating options include:

  • Space heaters – Choose from direct vent and non vent space heater options to keep that problem room warm and inviting all winter long.
  • Cast iron stoves – High efficiency heat and realistic flames combined with the old-world world charm of a pot bellied stove. What’s not to love?
  • Garage and greenhouse heaters – Keep your hobbies going through the winter with high efficiency heaters for your garage, hobby room, workshop, or greenhouse.

Have a space heating special request? Contact us and let’s talk about it.

Say goodbye to woodchips, ash, and wood-burning cleanup. Contact us today to learn about propane log set installations – and reliable propane deliveries for them – in our Greater Springfield, MA service area!