What Does the Term “Bioheat® Fuel” Mean?

about biofuel massachusettsIf you own a home in Western MA that uses heating oil rather than natural gas or propane to generate heat, you have probably heard the term Bioheat® fuel.

But what exactly is it?

Here are some Bioheat® fuel facts to help you get to know this cleaner, greener alternative to common #2 heating oil.

  • Bioheat® fuel is a blend of ULSHO heating oil with biodegradable organic materials (biodiesel) to form a super fuel for home heating systems. The biodiesel used in Bioheat® fuel is a byproduct of food production and includes such feedstock as soy, canola, and other vegetable oils. The combination of the ULSHO fuel and clean, renewable biodiesel makes Bioheat® fuel an efficient and eco-friendly home heating option.
  • The per-gallon price of Bioheat® fuel is slightly more than the price of traditional heating oil, but it will save you money in the long run because it burns cleaner than regular heating oil, which means your heating system will last longer and require fewer repairs.
  • Bioheat® fuel is also better for the environment: by burning cleaner than regular heating oil, Bioheat® fuel reduces carbon emissions and smog particulates. Bioheat® fuel will also help your heating equipment last longer, which means that fewer furnaces and boilers will find their way into the landfill.
  • In most cases, you won’t need to make any changes to your furnace, boiler or storage tank to use Bioheat® fuel. If you want to confirm that your system will work with Bioheat® fuel, contact us.

FSi offers Bioheat® fuel delivery to customers anywhere in our Western Massachusetts service area. Contact us today to make the switch and join the FSi family of customers!