When Is the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil?

As you sit in our air conditioned Massachusetts home – still wiping the sweat from our brow from the 10 minutes spent going from the car to the supermarket and back – heating oil is probably the last thing on your mind.

But for the similar reasons that make summer the perfect time to schedule your heating equipment maintenance, it’s also a great time to order heating oil.

In summer, demand for the fuel is often greatly reduced, and so too is the demand for furnace and boiler service and plumbing work. When you order heating oil during or just leading up to heating season, on the other hand, you’re joining the thousands of MA homes and businesses who all need oil at the same time.

While we take pride in providing reliable heating oil deliveries when you need them most, getting fuel to you immediately can be challenging when everyone picks up that delivery phone at the same time – especially if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Other ways to make managing your heating oil easier in 2019/20

  • Sign up for Price Protection. Our Price Protection Programs like our heating oil pre-buy and price cap options will help you keep your heating oil costs as low as possible. You can learn more about the details of these convenient services here.
  • Stay organized. Avoid purchasing your heating oil at the last minute. One easy way to do this? Sign up for Automatic Heating Oil Delivery.
  • Maintain your heating equipment. Professionally maintained heating equipment uses less heating oil while providing more comfort and better performance. Keeping up with annual tune-ups also means your heating equipment will run more reliably through the long MA winter.
  • Upgrade old heating equipment before heating season starts. The efficiency of heating oil equipment drops considerably over the course of its lifetime; in fact, a 12- to 15-year-old oil fired system could be running at less than two-thirds the efficiency of a new system. If your heating system is well into its second decade, it pays to upgrade.

Ready to order home heating oil? Contact FSi Oil and Propane today to become a customer. You’ll get the most reliable heating oil delivery service in our Western MA service area, plus expert service for your oil-fired heating equipment.