Concerns About Rolling Blackouts in New England This Winter

More than half of New England depends on natural gas for heat and power, but the Russia-Ukraine conflict has destabilized energy markets, primarily that of natural gas. Energy experts have become concerned about potential rolling blackouts in the Northeast this winter. According to an article by NBC Boston, the concern is so elevated that commissioners from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission visited New England to discuss the matter.

While the energy market for electricity and natural gas continues to remain unstable and undependable, customers who use propane and renewable Bioheat® fuel take comfort in the fact that their energy sources are stable, abundant, and reliable.

Alternatives to Natural Gas in the Northeast

Bioheat® fuel, the alternative to traditional home heating oil and a more dependable fuel than natural gas, making it one that you can rely on. It’s a better, cleaner, and safer alternative for the environment than other home heating energy sources like natural gas and electricity. It’s low-carbon and available right now. Bioheat® fuel is created by blending traditional low-sulfur heating oil with renewable, recycled oils, like soybean oil or recycled cooking grease.

Next to Bioheat® fuel, and another alternative to natural gas, is eco-friendly propane. Most propane is produced right here in the U.S., so it’s abundant, affordable, and reliable. Propane is an easy-to-use fuel source that has one-third the operating costs of electric heat. It supplies even warmth and fast recovery throughout your entire house, and it can also power your water heater. Additionally, as a highly versatile, multiuse fuel that is great for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s environmentally friendly and using it helps promote the American economy.

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Make the Switch to a Cleaner, Available Energy Source Today

Energy grid issues will remain unstable as global unrest continues, and legislators try to move the U.S. toward more renewable energy resources. You can find the stability and reliability you deserve by choosing a cleaner, alternative fuel to heat and power your home and appliances. FSi is available to assist you with affordable and expert installations for new, high-efficiency heating equipment and more. When you’re ready to get your first delivery of Bioheat® fuel or propane fuel, you can easily order online. We look forward to serving you.