Simple, Clean Energy Solutions for Tomorrow, Available Today

With the massive surge in the need for clean and renewable energy, Massachusetts and Connecticut homeowners are looking for the most affordable, eco-friendly options available on the market—and they are looking for alternatives that make sense with their day-to-day routines. As new bills pass limiting consumers’ lifestyles, like California’s upcoming ban on gas vehicles, we also see the time, money, and material it takes to create costly lithium batteries. We have even seen a Colorado energy company lock smart thermostats at a high A/C temperature on a sweltering afternoon. With all of this in the news, you are probably hoping there are simpler alternatives. FSi is here to tell you that there are simpler alternatives, and you can get started with cleaner energy today—with an eco-friendly fuel delivery from a company that strives to put sustainability at the forefront of its business. Compared to other progressive environmental alternatives, Bioheat® fuel and propane are simple, lower-carbon fuels you can use in your home, available now from FSi Oil and Propane. Continue reading below to learn more about each clean fuel and how you can order them today.

Clean & Renewable Energy Alternatives, Available in MA & CT Now from FSi

Lower Your Carbon Footprint with Bioheat® Fuel

Bioheat® fuel is a lower-carbon substitute for traditional home heating oil. As an ultra-low-carbon liquid heating fuel, it produces significantly fewer emissions than traditional heating oil. Bioheat® fuel is a blend of traditional heating oil and net-zero biodiesel. Biodiesel is created from renewable resources like inedible soybean oil and recycled cooking grease. It’s nontoxic, biodegradable, and promotes better air quality. Bioheat® fuel offers the following advantages to consumers:

  • Lowers emissions to protect the environment
  • Promotes better operation of your heating system
  • Helps prolong the life of your equipment
  • Produces a lower-carbon burn to help reduce fuel costs
  • Requires no expensive modifications to your current equipment!

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Reduce Emissions with Propane, Another Eco-Friendly Alternative

Propane gas powers millions of residential, commercial, and agricultural establishments across the country. It meets the rigorous standards set by the Clean Air Act of 1990. In addition, it meets all clean air energy standards put forth for burned fuels by the Environmental Protection Agency. Plus, propane is created right here in the US, and domestically produced fuels require less energy and carbon output for shipping and storage, meaning that USA-produced propane gas is more environmentally conscious than the variety of foreign imports it replaces. This versatile fuel can power a vast range of appliances in addition to being environmentally friendly.

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Get Started with a Clean Fuel Delivery from FSi

FSi is dedicated to offering eco-friendly alternatives to our valued customers. We know you’re eager to find new, environmentally friendly ways to stay comfortable without the disruptions facing other traditional fossil fuels. You can get started today by ordering your first delivery of propane or Bioheat® fuel. If you’re a current customer and already using propane or Bioheat® fuel, you can easily request a refill for your tank right on our website.