Save Money with Oil and Propane Budget Plans

Oil prices in Massachusetts are high right now and have been for the last few months, but this doesn’t mean that paying for your oil must be expensive. With increases in all energy sectors, the cost of both oil and propane has increased, but there is an easy way to manage your fuel costs with FSi. Prices will go back down eventually, but you can start managing your fuel bills easily right now with FSi’s SmartPay Payment Program. The SmartPay Payment Program is a budget plan to help our customers alleviate the brunt of high fuel bills throughout the year, especially in the winter. A budget plan like this helps soften the blow of the high costs of winter heating, particularly when oil prices spike.

How It Works

If you’re thinking a budget plan for your fuel bills sounds like a good idea, it gets better. We divide your estimated usage over 11 months into one low monthly payment. We calculate your usage based on your billing histories from the previous two years, so it’s accurate–but if that information isn’t available, we’ll estimate it based on your house size and appliances. We calculate the annual billing amount using current rates and then divide this by 11. This gives you one low flat-fee monthly payment for most of the year, rather than paying high dollar amounts over a few months during the heating season.

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What Are the Benefits?

Forget paying outrageously high heating bills this winter. By enrolling in a budget plan with FSi, you will get:

  • A discount on every gallon delivered
  • Predictable monthly payments
  • The ability to roll in service plan costs with monthly fuel payments

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Sign Up for a Budget Plan with FSi

We would love to help you alleviate your high winter heating costs this year. Get in touch with our team of trained professionals at FSi to learn how easy it is to enroll in our SmartPay Payment Program. Visit our South Hadley, MA office, call us at 413-532-3500, or contact us online to learn more.