What Every Fuel Customer Needs to Do Right Now

As an oil or propane customer in Western Massachusetts or Connecticut, the number one thing you know is that fuel costs can be unpredictable. Tackling high fuel prices throughout the seasons can add unneeded stress and strain to family home comfort budgets. However, there’s an easier way to manage your oil and propane expenses without breaking the bank.

Combat High Heating Bills

We all know that winter heating bears the brunt of high fuel costs because you use more fuel throughout the cold season to heat your home. During the winter, you pay out lump sums to cover your heating expenses, and that can leave you feeling broke all season long. The best way to combat these high expenses is by signing up for a budget plan. FSi offers a payment program just for you, designed with our customers in mind.

The SmartPay Payment Program

The SmartPay Payment Program is a budget plan we created to help alleviate high heating bills for customers. Our innovative payment program allows us to evenly charge you throughout the year with no surprises. That means we’ll take the guesswork out of how much you’ll pay for your fuel, and you’ll pay a predictable bill every month rather than paying lump sums when you place an order.

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Enrolling Should Be #1 on Your To-Do List

Enrolling in a budget plan this summer is a smart financial move for your home budget and wallet. You can make managing your home comfort bills easy this year with balanced bills and predictable payments that allow you to work them into your other regular monthly expenses. Summer is the perfect time to enroll, so don’t wait. Get in touch with the home comfort professionals at FSi today to learn more.