Top Ways That FSi Cares about the Environment

Here at FSi Oil and Propane, we weave our environmental efforts into everything we do. When you rely on our team to take care of your home energy and fuel delivery needs here in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut, you can trust that you’re getting the best service possible while contributing to a positive shift in our community’s sustainability. Keep reading to learn all the ways that FSi cares about the environment and how we’ve taken steps to lower our own carbon footprint and make it possible for our customers to be more proactive about their energy choices by providing premium renewable fuels that they can depend on.

Our Commitment to the Western MA and Northern CT Community

We believe that all customers should have the right to choose how they decide to power and heat their MA or CT homes. With so many options available, we are committed to making it possible for homeowners to have affordable access to quality, low-carbon, renewable fuels so they don’t have to make the choice between sustainability and being able to heat their homes. In the spirit of energy diversity, FSi Oil and Propane is committed to making sure that renewable Bioheat® fuel and propane remain as viable eco-friendly options for everyone in order to make way for a greener future.

How We’re Lowering Our Carbon Footprint

As a dedicated fuel and service provider here, we’ve made a lot of progress towards becoming more environmentally friendly over the years. Here’s some of the steps we’ve taken to care for our environment and help lower carbon emissions here in our own community:

Providing Quality Fuels to Our Customers

At FSi Oil & Propane, we care greatly for the environment. Over the years, we have been proud to develop our propane and Bioheat® fuel products, which have gotten cleaner with every year. We are currently making strides towards incorporating more renewable propane into our business and making this eco-friendly fuel readily available for our customers to heat and power their homes with. In fact, propane is working to lower carbon emissions in our community now. We are proud to be providing fuels to our customers that not only help us diversify clean energy solutions on the market today but also act as reliable stored energy on their properties that they can depend on, no matter what.

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Bioheat® Fuel

Since Bioheat® fuel is made from renewable resources, it is a true low-carbon energy source which is doing its part to help reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in our community, and of course, on our planet. Our Bioheat® fuel is made up of a blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil contains less than 15 ppm (parts per million) sulfur. Bioheat® fuel is the lowest sulfur content heating oil available. This heating oil is significantly cleaner-burning than the 500-ppm heating oil from the past. It also gives the added benefit of greater lubricity AND a higher, safer flash point than conventional fuels. By providing our CT & MA customers with Bioheat® fuel delivery right to their homes, we are helping to decrease the amount of carbon emissions in our community and keep this environmentally friendly fuel widely accessible for home heating oil users.

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Our Fleet Runs on Renewable Diesel

In addition to already offering our customers eco-friendly Bioheat® fuel to heat their homes here in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut, we’ve decided to take our commitment to clean energy a step further by using renewable diesel to power our very own delivery fleets. Much like the benefits of using renewable fuel for your home heating system, using renewable diesel in vehicles offers similar benefits of releasing lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere, helping systems to run more efficiently, and can be used in traditional diesel engines as an alternative to petroleum diesel. Our decision to make this change ultimately was to better serve our customers and our community by selecting the best possible fuel option to not only deliver to your home, but to help us get there.

Make a Difference When You Have Your Fuel Delivered by FSi Oil and Propane

When you rely on our heating oil delivery experts at FSi Oil and Propane to deliver your supply of propane and Bioheat® fuel you can trust that our team is doing their part to help reduce carbon emissions in our community. With our decision to provide our customers with quality, eco-friendly fuels as well as run our delivery truck fleets with renewable diesel, you can feel great about being an FSi customer. Ready to place your next heating oil delivery order? Contact us to get started. Not yet a customer? Register via this form now to begin working with a fuel delivery provider that cares.