Top 7 Benefits of Using Bioheat® Fuel to Heat Your Home

Are you a current heating oil customer in Massachusetts or Connecticut? Are You looking for an affordable, renewable energy option to keep you warm and provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve even in the coldest New England temperatures? If so, Bioheat® fuel is bound to become your new go-to. Improve your health, protect the environment, and stimulate the economy while keeping costs low. Keep reading to learn even more impressive benefits of using Bioheat® heating oil for your home in Western MA and Northern CT.

What Is Bioheat® Fuel?

Bioheat® fuel is a blend of renewable biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating fuel. Biodiesel is a recycled, renewable, and sustainable blend of agricultural by-products and used cooking oils. These products, which are automatically created during farming and food production, are mixed with low-sulfur fuel to create Bioheat® fuel. This results in additional streams of revenue for farmers and restaurants, less waste generated by the agricultural industry, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced carbon content.

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Top 7 Reasons You Need to Use Bioheat® Fuel in Your MA or CT home


Are you already using heating oil to heat your home but haven’t made the switch over to Bioheat® fuel yet? We have great news for you. Bioheat® fuel can utilize your existing heating oil equipment meaning that you won’t have to pay for expensive conversions and can get started right away. Plus, this ultra-low-sulfur heating fuel blend is one of the most affordable renewable options available on the market.


When it comes to supporting the local economy, becoming a Bioheat® oil customer is all it takes to contribute to the great impact that this renewable fuel offers. This heating oil is responsible for supporting over 62,000 jobs nationwide. From local farmers, to restaurant owners, Bioheat® oil producers, and your very own local fuel delivery company, the use of Bioheat® as your heating fuel choice in your Massachusetts or Connecticut home is helping to stimulate our local economy from the ground up, which is a true win-win!

Safety & Health

Much like regular oil, Bioheat® fuel is a safe energy source for Massachusetts residents and beyond due to its nonexplosive qualities and production of visible warning signs such as smoke during rare malfunctions. The low emission levels are also not only just great for the environment, but they significantly reduce the health issues associated with high-emission fuels and pollutants. This means that Bioheat® fuel is better for our health overall, and since it is contributing to a cleaner, less-polluted environment, it offers us a sustainable and safe fuel solution for the future.

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Incredible Service

When you order Bioheat® fuel, chances are you are supporting a locally-owned and operated business just like FSi Oil and Propane. Unlike major utilities such as natural gas, Bioheat® fuel providers understand that your business is valuable so we go out of our way to ensure you get the best service imaginable. From smooth deliveries to personalized service, automatic delivery options, budgeting SmartPay plans and price protection programs, our goal is to help make you as comfortable as possible as a thank you for supporting our company! Plus, we even care for your heating equipment with expert HVAC maintenance and repair services as well as comprehensive service plans to keep the heat on, no matter what. Service is truly what separates other fuels from Bioheat® heating oil.


As if there wasn’t enough to love about Bioheat® fuel, it also promotes better operation of your heating system and can prolong the lifespan of your heating equipment. How exactly? This unique oil blend helps to lubricate your heating system more efficiently, helping to make it more resistant to damage for longer. When you use Bioheat® oil to heat your home, you can expect to experience the warming benefits of a more efficiently-run system that uses less fuel while creating more heat throughout your home. Once you notice the difference that Bioheat® makes, you won’t be turning back!

Reliability & Peace of Mind

When you rely on Bioheat® oil for your home heating, you are helping to protect your family and property from a mid-winter heat-loss emergency. Unlike electricity, for instance, which is an on-demand energy source, Bioheat® fuel is a renewable energy source that you can store up in your fuel tank which significantly helps to reduce the risk of losing heat and damage to your property. Plus, this means that you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your heating is available when you need it and you know exactly who to contact when your fuel levels begin to run low.


Since Bioheat® fuel is made from renewable resources, it is a true low-carbon energy source which is doing its part to helps reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in our community, and of course, on our planet. With the strides that the Bioheat® fuel industry is making, the fuel will soon evolve to become 100% carbon neutral. As we look forward to that, we can appreciate how much this fuel is doing to help create a cleaner, and greener, future for us all!

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