Top Fall HVAC To-Do’s in MA & CT

Fall is finally here in Western MA and CT, which means heating season is right around the corner. We know you have a lot on your fall to-do list, but there are some home maintenance tasks that are important to do before the temperature drops. It’s time to get your HVAC equipment ready for the colder months. At FSi Oil and Propane, we’re ready to help you get prepared. Keep reading to learn the four top to-dos this season with your HVAC equipment.


Fall HVAC To-Do List

  • Schedule Your Annual Tune-Up:

You should book a heating tune-up every year before heating season. Annual tune-ups come with plenty of benefits like maximum energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and lower energy bills. If you haven’t booked your tune-up yet, be sure to make your appointment soon to reserve your spot.

  • Get Ahead with a Budget Plan:

Fall and winter heating can be expensive. Don’t put a strain on your budget this year. Why pay out lump sums for your fuel deliveries when you can enroll in a budget plan? Break your fuels costs up into low monthly payments, so you can balance your budget and have more cash during the winter.

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  • Test Your System Before Temperatures Drop:

Don’t wait until temperatures drop low to test your heating system. You want to be sure that it’s going to provide the heat you need when it gets cold outside, so be sure to test your heating system before it starts to get cold. This way, you can catch any issues before it’s too later.

  • Upgrade Your Heating System:

If your heating system is not as efficient as it used to be, it may be time for an upgrade—especially if it’s ten years or older. Upgrade come with tons of advantages like a reduced risk of repairs and breakdowns, improved air quality, better fuel economy, and more.

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Trust the Heating Techs at FSi Oil & Propane

When it comes to making sure your home is ready for the cold season, we have you covered. Our skilled technicians are highly trained and experienced in providing quality HVAC and customer service. Whether you need a heating upgrade or system tune-up, you can rest assured that your home maintenance is in good hands. Don’t wait to get your HVAC equipment in order this season. Get started today by calling the energy professionals at FSi to book your HVAC service appointment.