Top Conversion Options for Kerosene Customers

If you’re currently using kerosene as the primary fuel to heat your Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut home, chances are, you may be over-spending on your home energy costs. Luckily, FSi Oil and Propane are proud to provide more affordable fuel options and expert conversion services to get you started. Keep reading to learn more about what a conversion to propane, Bioheat® fuel, or electric heat would entail and provide for your family’s overall home comfort and savings

Switch to a More Affordable Fuel Option with Massive Savings

At FSi Oil and Propane, we’re conversion experts. When it comes to helping you create the home of your dreams, we’ll do it for less. We’re proud to install and service new heating systems that suit you and your home heating needs here in Massachusetts or Connecticut. We can help you convert your kerosene heating system for a new energy-efficient propane, Bioheat® oil, or electric system that will help you start saving on energy costs every single year. Not sure which one you want to pick as your new replacement? We’ll help you break down the benefits of each option so you can make the decision that’s best for you, your home comfort, and your wallet.


Propane is a versatile, multi-use fuel that can truly do it all. This fueling option is clean-burning, green, and easy-to-use with only a fraction of the operating costs of your current kerosene heating system. It supplies even warmth and fast recovery throughout your entire house, also allowing for water heater operation. One of the best features of propane, in our opinion at least, is its ability to power several of your indoor and outdoor home appliances. From clothes dryers, dishwashers, pool heaters, fireplaces, stovetops, barbeque grills, outdoor patio heaters and more, FSi’s propane delivery services make the possibilities with propane endless.

When you convert your kerosene system to propane, you can immediately take advantage of lower fuel prices, fewer emissions, and efficient home heating. Conversions to a propane system will only take FSi a single day to complete and we have fuel budget plans available as well as exclusive financing opportunities available to help make your conversion easy to budget for. Plus, Massachusetts residents will become eligible for up to $2,300 in rebates. Sound enticing? Click here to learn more about propane or click here to contact us about your propane conversion now.

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Bioheat® Fuel

Interested in a different alternative? FSi also installs, services, and delivers Bioheat® oil for customers who have decided to power their home heating with this renewable, affordable, and eco-friendly fuel.  Bioheat® fuel is comprised of renewable biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating fuel making it a recycled, renewable, and sustainable blend of agricultural by-products and used cooking oils to create an efficient, reliable fuel source that can effectively heat MA and CT homes. This affordable, eco-friendly, and reliable fuel can work in conventional heating oil systems which means no costly conversions or modifications are required to use it.

When you convert your kerosene system to Bioheat® oil, you can expect much lower fuel prices, fewer emissions due to lower-carbon than traditional oil, and reliable home heating. To make your conversion even more affordable, FSi offers fuel budget plans and convenient financing opportunities. Plus, Massachusetts residents will become eligible for up to $800 in rebates!

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Electric Heat Pumps

Is electric heat the right choice for your home? When you convert your kerosene system to an electric heat pump, you can count on producing fewer emissions, a significant cost reduction when compared with the operating costs of your current kerosene, and you’ll no longer have to store fuel on your property or worry about the upkeep of your fuel tank. To make your conversion even more affordable, FSi offers financing opportunities to make your conversion even easier. Plus, Massachusetts residents will become eligible for up to $1,250 in rebates!

Cost of a Conversion

One concern that many of our customers consider is the investment of a conversion—but we’re here to reassure you that with the high prices of kerosene fuel, your investment in switching to propane, Bioheat® fuel, or electricity will pay for itself quickly; for example, propane can pay for itself in two years or less. But to make your conversion even more affordable, we are pleased to offer practical financing solutions to alleviate the upfront cost of a conversion. You may also choose to divide the remainder into monthly segments when utilizing our propane gas or Bioheat® fuel budget plans. This means your low monthly payment includes fuel and your installation, with zero upfront costs today. Before you know it, you’ll be saving money on every unit of fuel you need for your new equipment.

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Tired of High Kerosene Prices in MA and CT? Request a Conversion Quote Today!

Our team at FSi looks forward to hearing from you about whether you are interested in pivoting to a more affordable source of energy—available from trusted local conversion experts at FSi. Our business is all about making you comfortable. In addition, to our Bioheat® fuel and propane delivery services, we also offer HVAC service and installations, water treatment, SmartPay Payment Programs and HVAC Service Plans. Get in contact with us today to learn more about how you can save money by replacing your kerosene heating system today or click here to become a customer today!