Programmable Thermostat: Four Reasons To Choose One For Your Home

programmable thermostat massachusetts

Looking for an easy way to save up to 10 percent on your heating and cooling bills? The answer could be right on your wall.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, that’s how much money you can save if you properly use your programmable thermostat. Unfortunately, most people don’t: according to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, nine out of ten Americans say they’ve rarely (or never) programmed their thermostat because they don’t know how to use it.

If you don’t have one already, installing a programmable thermostat is a smart move: by making it easy to set your indoor climate to suit your lifestyle, it could pay for itself in energy savings alone the first year you own it.

But saving money isn’t the only advantage that a programmable thermostat provides.

Consider these benefits of programmable thermostats:

  • Energy efficiency – About half of your home’s total energy use stems from heating and cooling. By programming your thermostat to keep reasonable temperatures (68 in the warming months, 78 in the cooling months when people are home) and reducing use when people are away or asleep, you’ll dramatically improve your home energy efficiency.
  • More comfort – Programmable thermostats can be set to different temperatures according to your preference; drop temperatures to sleep cooler, or raise them on a Sunday when you know the whole family will be home. Programmable thermostats use digital technology to keep temperatures exactly where you want them.
  • More convenience – Many of today’s programmable thermostats offer Wi-Fi technology that allows you to control your thermostat from a smartphone or tablet. Adjust temperatures while you are at work or away on vacation, or keep track of temperatures in your vacation home during the cold winter months. Some Wi-Fi thermostats also allow you to monitor the efficiency of your system, sending you notifications if you have dirty filters, high humidity levels, or lower amounts of refrigerant.
  • Longer equipment life – Installing a programmable thermostat can help reduce wear and tear on older heating and cooling equipment, improving its function and efficiency while prolonging its life span.

A programmable thermostat may not cost much, but it will make a big impact on your family’s comfort – and your wallet. To learn more about programmable thermostat installations in western MA, contact the heating and cooling pros at FSi today.

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