Using Propane to Power Fire Tables & Other Outdoor Accessories

Entertaining outdoors is one of the best ways to soak up the great spring and summer weather here in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. What better way to kick back and enjoy all that the season has to offer than with a relaxing, smoke-free fire table? Experience the added ambiance and excitement when you add a propane-powered fire table to your outdoor patio. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use the versatile power of propane to create your own backyard oasis with FSi Oil and Propane.

The Ins and Outs of Propane Fire Tables

Have you been wanting to add a fire table to your outdoor entertainment area? Deciding which one you should get, what styles to look for, and what type of fuel you will need are all top considerations when finding a fire table that works for you! FSi Oil and Propane supplies our customers with RH Peterson fire tables that are powered by affordable propane gas cylinders. These outdoor patio fire tables burn clean, emit zero smoke or ash, and don’t require the messy cleanup that wood burning fire tables and bonfires have. Due to this, these propane fire tables help you and your guests maximize outdoor fun, without the hassle! Plus, some styles even come with remote start devices for ultimate convenience and ease.

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Fire Table FAQs

· What should you look for in a propane fire table?

When looking for a fire table for your patio, it’s important to consider safety, materials, BTU output, and adjustment features. Or better yet, simply reach out to our team to get a top-rated RH Peterson propane fire table from FSi Oil and Propane.

· How much propane do you need for a propane fire table?

For a standard propane fire pit table, a regular 20lb propane cylinder is all you need to get started!

· How long will a propane fire table burn?

For a 50000 BTU fire table, a 20lb propane tank will have approximately 9 hours or so of burn time – most tables have an adjustment knob for controlling the flame height and heat output which means that keeping your fire table on a lower setting will help your propane fuel to last even longer.

· What other outdoor accessories can propane be used for?

Propane is a versatile clean-burning, eco-friendly fuel that can power not only your fire table, but your patio heaters, pool heaters, hot tubs, grills, and more for the ultimate summer outdoor living experience!

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living This Summer with FSi Oil and Propane

Count on your local fuel delivery and home comfort experts here at FSi Oil and Propane to provide you with your new fire table! Reach out to our team today to get started. Not yet a customer? Sign up via our online form here.