Biggest Advantages When Using Propane for Furnaces & Boilers

If you’re a Massachusetts or Connecticut homeowner who uses propane gas to heat your home, then you already know about the wealth of benefits that come with choosing this highly efficient fuel. But if you’re someone who is thinking about a propane heating system conversion or you’re curious about the types of heating equipment that are compatible with propane, then you might be surprised to learn that propane is compatible with many types of furnaces and boilers. Learn more about the advantages of using propane for furnaces and boilers by continuing to read this informative blog post.

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Depend on Furnaces & Boilers for Comfort, Consistency, and Efficiency

To put it simply, the main difference between a boiler and a furnace is that a boiler uses hot water or steam from hot water to heat your home, while a furnace uses warm air. Both are excellent options to heat your home, and we proudly install and maintain the best heating equipment brands on the market. Our experts have provided a helpful breakdown of the unique advantages that come with choosing a propane-powered boiler or furnace for home heating.

Why Upgrade to a Propane Furnace

Propane furnaces offer best-in-class efficiency, with ratings from 90 to 98 percent, and will provide comfortable, even, and consistent heat during even the coldest weather. Some other benefits include:

  • An increase in home value
  • The highest possible efficiency
  • Reduced risk of needing emergency heating service
  • Total peace of mind for your family

Why Upgrade to a Propane Boiler

Propane-powered boilers offer efficiency, space savings, and the versatility to provide space heating, water heating, and even snow melt. Other benefits include:

  • The greatest possible efficiency
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns
  • Comfort and peace of mind
  • An increase in your home’s value

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