How Propane Prepares Your Home Standby Generator for Unpredictable Weather

Regardless of the season, inclement weather always concerns residents in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. The New England region is known for its crazy storms, and our neck of the woods is no exception. If you use a generator, consider switching to one powered by propane gas. You’ll reduce your anxiety over rough weather when you rely on this affordable and clean energy source for your generator. Keep reading this blog post to learn all the benefits that come with trusting your home’s backup power to cleaner, greener propane gas.

Top Reasons You Should Choose Propane to Power Your Generator

Ease & Affordability

The convenience of a propane generator is unmatched. With an automatic standby generator that runs on propane, you’ll get all these benefits without having to think about setting up your generator each time. Plus, propane is stored on-site at your home—no bulky gas cans necessary. And unlike diesel, propane doesn’t degrade over time, meaning it’s always ready to use when you need it. Just make sure your propane generator is serviced once a year, and you’ll be able to enjoy automatic backup power during outages, easy connection to your existing propane gas supply, and equipment maintained at zero cost to you until your generator turns on.

Peace of Mind All Year

Forget about monitoring the weather and stressing about power outages: after all, you’ll have automatic standby power at your disposal any time you need it! Storing power on your property in the form of propane, for instance, only adds to your home security, comfort, and convenience. Propane can power key systems like home heating and cooling, water heaters, cooktops and ovens, fireplaces, boilers, and clothes dryers.

Added Protection for Your Family & Home

Your family members are the most important thing in the world to you, and your home should be the place they feel safest. Protect your family members and the investment you’ve made in your home with an automatic standby generator powered by propane, which will provide the security and safety that power you need, when you need it. Relying on propane to power your generator means your home will be protected from power fluctuations and surges, your family will stay comfortable and secure all year long, and there will be an overall reduced risk of discomfort, especially for the young and the elderly when the power does go out.

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