Top A/C Services You Need before Summer

As the weather warms up here in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut, homeowners are starting to get ready for the summer heat. As the hottest days of the year quickly approach, now is the time to take care of some essential air conditioning services to ensure your maximum home comfort for the months to come. Luckily, our HVAC professionals at FSi Oil and Propane have outlined a few A/C services you need before the summer heat is here to stay.

Beat the Heat with These HVAC Services in MA & CT

Stay cool this summer while saving more on your home energy bills and keeping your equipment in peak condition with these essential summer A/C tasks:

1. Evaluate your current A/C

Before switching on your A/C this summer, it is a great idea to check up on your A/C’s performance. To quickly and easily assess your unit’s efficiency, it is best to swap your air filters every 90 days, monitor your energy bills to ensure they aren’t more expensive in the warmer months, inspect your thermostat, and check for a temperature difference to help determine if your home air conditioner is in need of maintenance, repair, or a replacement. To make this essential pre-summer A/C task easier, contact our FSi pros to evaluate your system for you!

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2. Get a preventative maintenance service

Is your A/C summer-ready? To help increase your cooling system’s efficiency and save on energy, it is recommended to get your A/C serviced each year. Annual cooling maintenance will help you save money on energy bills, and potential repair costs, and extend your system service life. Enjoy cleaner, healthier, and fresher air with uninterrupted comfort by scheduling your quick preventative maintenance service today.

3. Enroll in a service plan

Prep your HVAC system for summer and protect your home against the unexpected. A service plan from FSi guarantees coverage for your annual A/C tune-ups and provides you with priority service and discounts on repairs for your HVAC system. Plus, a service plan can protect your warranty coverage! Simply contact FSi Oil and Propane to enroll in a service plan today.

4. Consider upgrading your system

When you choose to increase your home comfort with a brand new HVAC system from our home comfort experts, you can rely on our technicians to meet the highest national standards. Our installation team is highly trained in the technical aspects of your equipment installation and our experts are exceptionally qualified to identify and recommend solutions that are energy-efficient, reliable, and specific to your exact needs. We maintain all required local licenses, insurance, and liability coverage, and handle all warranty obligations efficiently.

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Rely on the FSi HVAC Pros for Your Cooling Needs

Don’t sweat it out this summer! Count on the cooling experts at FSi Oil and Propane to perform the essential summer air conditioning services you’ll need to keep the heat at bay. Relax this season knowing that we’re your trusted partner in achieving year-round home comfort. Book your service appointment, request an estimate for a new A/C installation, or contact our team to learn more about enrolling in a service plan today. Not yet an FSi customer? Enroll now via our online contact form here.