Always Keep Oil In Your Storage Tank: Here’s Why

heating oil tank care massachusetts

As temperatures start to rise here in Massachusetts, ordering heating oil might not be the first thing that comes to mind for you – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a smart thing to do.

A full tank in summer = good tank maintenance

Why are we recommending that you order heating oil now when you’re not going to use your furnace or boiler for at least a few months?

Simple: the less fuel your heating oil tank contains, the more likely it will accumulate condensation (water) on its interior walls during the change of seasons. Water creates two problems for your heating oil tank: first, the bacteria that already live in your heating oil thrive in a damp environment; the more bacteria are present, the more quickly they will break down your fuel, turning it into a thick sludge that can jam your fuel lines and cause a heating system breakdown. Second, since water is heavier than oil, it will eventually sink beneath the fuel and corrode your tank – a problem you may not see coming until it’s too late.

The takeaway here: condensation is bad news for your heating oil tank, but you can keep it from forming by keeping your tank at least half full during the offseason. Ordering your heating oil now could be a good way to save some money, too, since heating oil prices are often at their lowest during the summer months.

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