How to Hook Your Gas Grill to Your Home Propane Tank

Propane power brings an abundance of convenience and ease into our daily lives here in Western MA and Northern CT. With capabilities to power your home’s furnace/boiler, water heaters, clothes dryers, stovetops, and fireplaces – your propane fuel deliveries from FSi Oil and Propane go a long way in making your home a comfortable oasis all year long. But did you know you can take your propane game to the next level by connecting your outdoor propane appliances to your home’s propane tank? Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your summer without ever swapping your propane cylinders!

Get the Most Out of Summer with Propane-Powered Fun

Summertime conjures images of flip-flops, poolside fun, and, of course, grilling outdoors. Whether you enjoy relaxing on the patio, soaking in the hot tub, roasting marshmallows, or cooking a barbeque feast for your family and friends, your favorite summer activities can all be fueled by propane. With all the versatile capabilities of propane, it’s no wonder propane users would want to connect their propane pool heaters, fire pits, and gas grills to their home’s propane tank! Filling 20lb LP tanks from a residential propane tank is not only possible, it’s also one of the best ways to level up your outdoor living experience.

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Should You Connect Your Outdoor Propane Appliances to Your Tank?

Wondering if connecting your 20lb propane appliances to your residential propane tank is worth it? We think so! By hooking your gas grill or fire table to your tank you can:

  • Power all your favorite outdoor appliances with ease
  • Enjoy the convenience of your FSi propane delivery
  • Eliminate needing to constantly refill or swap empty propane cylinders
  • Reduce the risks associated with driving with a propane cylinder (there might still be propane inside of an “empty” tank)
  • Run out of fuel less with automatic delivery and tank monitoring from FSi

Get started today! Contact the propane professionals at FSi Oil and Propane to have your appliances connected to your fuel tank.

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Trustworthy Propane Service from the FSi Home Energy Experts

It is imperative to have a trusted expert connect your propane appliances to your home fuel tank which is why you can count on the energy pros at FSi for the job! Our team is here to help make your home comfort goals a reality. Enjoy the convenience and ease of powering your outdoor cooking and summer activities at the push of a button – without needing to replace your small 20lb propane cylinders! Contact us or request a service online today to get started. Not yet an FSi customer? Register with our online contact form here!